How To Play Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker

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To Start Playing, place the same bet in the ANTE circle and BLIND circle. (The minimum bet is often $5 or $10 depending on the casino. This means that if the minimum is $5, $5 must be placed in the ANTE circle AND the BLIND circle.)

An additional optional bet can be placed in the TRIPS diamond. (This is a risky bet that usually has a minimum of $1 and only pays out for hands that are 3 of a kind or greater, but we will get into this later.)

Once the bets are placed, the dealer deals out two cards face down to all players at the table including the dealer. The players may look at their cards and then have the option to bet or check. Now, time to consider the betting options.

Pre-Flop 4x Bet: The first bet must be 3x or 4x the original ANTE bet and is placed in the PLAY circle. If the player bets, they are then done with the hand and place their cards under their play bet.

Post-Flop 2x Bet: Next, the dealer lays down 3 cards on the table face up (the flop). These are community cards that everyone including the dealer can use. The players who did not previously bet may check again or bet 2x the original ANTE bet.

Post-River 1x Bet: Then the dealer deals a 4th and 5th card face up(the turn and the river), which are also community cards. Now, the remaining players must either bet 1x the ANTE bet or Fold. If they fold, they lose all original bets immediately, before the dealer flips his cards. The dealer then flips his cards.

Who Wins: If the dealer does not have at least a pair, the ANTE bet is a push and is given back to the player regardless of the players cards. The players now compare their best five cards with the dealer’s best five cards.

If the dealer wins, the ANTE, BLIND, and PLAY bets are all lossed. If the player wins, they are paid on a 1:1 ratio of what they put into the ANTE and PLAY bets.

The BLIND bet: The BLIND bet only gets paid with hands of a straight or better at the payout ratios listed below. If the player wins but does not have at least a straight, the BLIND bet is a push.

The TRIPS bet: TRIPS bets are paid out to the player regardless of whether the player wins or loses the hand (as long as he or she doesn’t fold) at the payout ratios listed below.


There is a basic strategy that maximizes player returns for every possible combination of two cards dealt to the player, which reduces the casino edge to just 52.185%, which I will get into below.

This game is really exciting since it combines the excitement of Texas Hold’em with the thrill of possibly hitting it big with a Royal Flush, which pays 500 to 1, on the BLIND bet.