Trips Bet in Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker

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Here is a table of trips bet payout and probability:

Hand Probability Payout
Royal Flush .0032% (1 in 31,250) 50 to 1
Straight Flush .0279% (1 in 3,584) 40 to 1
4 of a Kind .168% (1 in 595) 20 to 1
Full House 2.596% (1 in 38.5) 7 to 1
Flush 3.03% (1 in 33) 6 to 1
Straight 4.62% (1 in 21.6) 5 to 1
3 of a Kind 4.83% (1 in 20.7) 3 to 1

Some feedback (comments are closed):

“The Trips odds depend on the different payout structures that casinos use. Most use the same one that’s posted above, which gives the casino roughly a 6% edge. As for the basic strategy on this site… I’ve used a similar strategy. I think the most important part of the strategy is the 4x bet. Nobody at the casinos I go to uses it. One lady laughed at me everytime I bet 4x pre-flop, saying “Who knows what he has- he could have anything.” The same lady bet more on trips than the main game. She started with 5x the money I started with and was out within an hour. I played for four hours before leaving up $200 without playing trips and by using a similar strategy (I used that 4x bet strategy but then after the flop would just bet if I got a pair or better). I’m going to the casino next week and am excited to try the detailed strategy above to see if I can make more money.” J. Quinn

“I had a similar situation- the table min was $5 so he bet $5 on ante and blind and $100 on trips. I only saw him hit anything greater than 3 of a kind once. He got 4 of a kind which paid him $2000, but he must have been playing for at least 2 hours and lost a few grand while I was there. He also didn’t bet 4x on AK suited.” bottlerokketz3478

“the longer you play, the more the odds start to kick in. That $100 trips guy who got the 4 of a kind should have left right after. Gambler’s ruin is what the casinos hope for- people win big but then keep playing and eventually lose all their money” sammyk99

“I saw a guy not bet 4x pre-flop with pocket A’s. When I asked him why, he said that last time he had A’s and bet 4x, he lost. Then the dealer chimed in agreeing with him that you should always wait until the flop before betting because you never know what cards will come up. These guys clearly did not have a basic understanding of math and probability so I didn’t even bother explaining their misconception to them.” baseballstar23

“I played ultimate next to a guy who bet the minimum for the main part of the game but bet a stack of greens ($25 chips) on trips every hand. I watched him win 3 trips hands in a row (I think a 3 of a kind and 2 flushes). He was up like $4000 at that point he said. About 45 minutes later, he lost all his money. I don’t think he won another trips after that streak, and he was betting like $300 on each hand. Even after an awesome winning streak like that, playing trips can bust your bankroll very fast. The odds are so bad and after awhile will just take over. The rest of the game has much better odds and can still produce the same excitement as trips for big hands. Plus, you can play for much longer.” theultimateplayer

“I only play trips when I’m feeling lucky. The odds aren’t as good, but it’s fun every once in awhile. The casinos want people to play trips, and dealers are told to try to persuade players, saying things like “trips is where the money is.” I’m not necessarily against playing it, as long as you realize the odds are worse against the casino than the rest of the game.” jackson57575

“The odds of getting trips or better is way worse than the multiple they payout, so the casino has to be making tons of money off people playing it. The payout for 3 of a kind is only 3 to 1. By betting on trips, you are basically saying you will get 3 of a kind 1 in every 3 hands. The probability of getting a 3 of a kind is only 2.11%” jmac23

“That’s the probability of getting 3 of a kind in a 5 card game. With 7 cards, like in texas holdem and ultimate, the probability of getting 3 of a kind is 4.83%.” calikid7787

“what is the casino edge for trips?” pokerzstar99

“casino edge for trips bets with the above payout schedule is 6.18%. some casinos use different payout schedules, which could lower the casino edge a little. However, this payout schedule has the worst player odds out of possible payouts and as a result is the most popular for casinos to use.” racer79

“wow- these odds are terrible! trips is worse for the player than slots.” ambryant1

“I was playing ultimate holdem one time, and one of the dealers told me the only reason they keep the game in the casino because of trips. the rest of the game odds aren’t that much in the casino’s favor especially when players use a variation of the basic strategy.” bulldawg431

“you have to think of playing the trips bet in simpler terms. Would you be willing to bet $1 if you would only win $3 for a 3 of a kind. To me, that payout sounds awful compared to the probability of 3 of a kinds. Sometimes people get blinded by the potential winnings and forget about the expected value of the bet. It wouldn’t be worth me throwing away $1 for such a small payout. I mean a royal flush only comes around 1 in 30,000 hands and you only win $50 for that $1 bet.” caddyshax44

“the ultimate holdem trips bet is a thrill bet- it’s exciting, but it will certainly lose money over time if bet consistently. so i would say don’t bet it often and not for very much money.” CharlesWellingtonIX

“It’s just like the slots- you play for pure luck. If you play slots, you’ll like trips. The odds are about the same, but you actually have a legitimate chance of winning everytime if you get good cards, whereas slots are progressive and heavily manipulated by the casino” Gambler5

“Everyone’s getting so down on the trips bet. I think it’s a lot of fun, and I’ve seen someone get like 4 or 5 trips hands in a row.” Jessicafgerald22

“No, there’s nothing wrong with betting trips if you know the probabilities going in. I think that people are just bashing it because all the players who don’t know the odds or refuse to believe that they’re in the casino’s favor by so much.” poker12

“Hey go for it. If you want to play trips, play trips. Just don’t get mad when you lose money and think that you have bad luck.” racer79

“oh don’t worry, I do play trips, but I usually only play it every third or fourth hand or when I have a “hunch”. But it always seems that I get trips when I don’t bet it and don’t get it when I do bet. It’s too expensive to bet it everytime, and by expensive I mean when I bet it, I like to bet at least $10 or $15. It’s the most fun way to play ultimate texas holdem in my opinion” jessicafgerald22

“That’s the beauty of gambling. You lose when you bet big and you win when you least expect it, but if you bet big everytime, you’ll go bankrupt especially on trips” Mattthegambler

“Wow, a lot of you are very passionate about not playing TRIPS. I rarely ever play TRIPS. It’s a bad bet with terrible odds, but it is fun every once in a while. I think that as long as you know what you’re doing, TRIPS are fine. They provide a lot of excitement and can turn a good hand into a great one, and anyone who goes into the casino has already decided to be a little reckless. My whole purpose for making that TRIPS page was to educate players on the odds. It’s so frustrating to sit down at the Ultimate Hold’em table and have people telling me TRIPS are the only way to make money and that I’m stupid for not playing them. These people often think that TRIPS have better odds than the rest of the game since they get paid a lot for a good hand. The casino edge on the TRIPS bet is a little over 6%, making its odds as bad as the penny slots. This is one of the worst probability bets in the casino and is apparently the only reason the casino keeps the game around. Dealers often push playing TRIPS on new players who don’t know any better, so just be aware of the highly negative expected value on this bet. It does, however, provide a lot of fun for a really good hand, which keeps people coming back to the game, chasing those amazing hands. One thing I would like to point out, and many of you agree, that you still get paid for good hands through the BLIND bet which actually pays more for a straight flush and royal flush and still a good 10 to 1 for a 4 of a Kind. So if you get a great hand, you will still get rewarded without having to bet on trips. The trips really only help by paying you for a 3 of a kind, but they only pay 3 to 1 for a hand that comes 6% of the time. That is so discouraging to me.” jbird77

“HOW TO PLAY TRIPS THE SMART WAY Well, if you want to play trips, here is what I suggest: Play the trips on the side just for yourself, not on the actually betting spot. Everytime the trips doesn’t, you collect the trips bet instead of the dealer. Pile the chips up on the side. Each time you hit, remove the chips that you would be payed. So for example, suppose that in 10 hands, you hit one straight at bet $5. Your trips pile would be – 10x$5 – 5x$5 = $25. So keep on like this, till your side trips pile becomes $50. Then you can think of these money as bonus which you have saved by not playing the trips. So now you can play them incrementally increasing the bet like this for the next 7 hands – 1. $5, 2. $5, 3. $5, 4. $5, 5. $10, 6. $10, 7. $10 (Total of $50 for 7 hands). You have 7 hands to hit something, which is about 69% probable. What do you guys think of this strat. I have just invented it this week and I am eager to try it next week when I get my pay check 🙂 .” peter

“Just got done playing 240 hands online, only betting $10 each on ante and blind…ended up +$555, and charted where I would have been playing trips…if I would have bet $5 on each trips through the 240 my winning would have been +$530. In one twenty hand stanza I was up +$860 with trips only would have been up $65 more…just like charting this stuff a little…” Sean

“I like to play trips in a progressive way;ex: i start betting $3, $4;then i skip 2 hands.then i start betting $5 ,$6 ,$7; now i skip 3 hands…the last time i play i hit a str8 at $7 a 3 of a kind at $11 ,another str8 at $17 , a flush at $19 , a full house at $23 and another full house at $29.I missed 2 bonus for the hole 3 hours that i played.Also on the ante and blind bet , if the dealer is winning i lower my bet to minimum bet ,and after 2 or 3 hands i bet 5 times , if i win i get the money back that i lost on those hands.” Edson

“Hi guys Anybody knows why casino would limit Trips bet, meaning Trips can be played same amount as Ante bet or lower but not higher than Ante? Maybe because its a rip off bet or something else?” Zorro